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Bistro 9 Waterside

Bistro 9 Derry – We bring restaurant quality food to your home.

We love local and are passionate about cooking at Bistro 9.

That’s why we try to source all of our items locally and keep our menu as fresh as possible.

To us, it’s all about allowing you to savour carefully selected delicacies in a pleasant environment with your favourite company.

Our chefs work tirelessly to create and develop delectable foods for you to enjoy!

Check out our range of bistro food cooked fresh to order. Try our range of Sunday roasts.


Opening Hours

bistro 9 waterside

Monday 4pm – 9pm

Tuesday 4pm – 9pm

Wednesday 4pm – 9pm

Thursday 4pm – 9pm

Friday 4pm – 9pm

Saturday 4pm – 9pm

Sunday 1pm – 8pm

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Bistro 9, 38 Clooney Terrace, L-Derry, BT47 1AS

+44 (0) 2 8 71 31 2 8 8 8

Food is a necessity rather than a luxury. Good food ensures that your mental and physical health is at an optimum level to get you going throughout the day. Burgers comprise a large segment of fast-food that is hugely acclaimed and anticipated by the whole world. A good burger goes a long way in making you happy. Bistro 9 Derry is a great place to experience all kinds of burgers true to their taste and its best in the city. Here, you get to find even the rarest of palatable dishes. It all starts with the starters. 

After all, they are the building blocks of one’s day. We make some of the most delicious items like Cheesy Garlic Bread, Spicy Chicken Wings, BBQ Ribs, Chilli Beef Nachos, Caesar Salad etc. You can also try our Filled Baked Potato dishes like Baked Potato with Chilli Chicken, Baked Potato with Chilli Beef, Baked Potato with Chilli Steak, Baked Potato with Vegetarian, Baked Potato with Cheese & Baked Beans etc. 

Chicken is perhaps the tastiest and palatable kind of meat. Some of our best-selling items of chicken are Spicy Chicken Wrap, Homemade Chicken & Ham Pie, Chilli Chicken Stir Fry, Tandoori Chicken Pocket, Salt &Chilli Chicken, Tex Mex Chicken, Chicken Caesar Salad, Southern Fried Chicken Burger etc. These would definitely put an end to your appetite while exciting your taste-buds. 

For the health-conscious, we have some great Vegetarian dishes as well. They include Vegetarian Thai Curry, Vegetarian Wrap, Vegetarian Pitta Pocket, Vegetarian Pasta, Vegetarian Baked Potato etc. You can add a fitting end to your meal by having some of the soft drinks like Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Club Orange, Club Lemon etc.

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